Romesco sauce


This is a great sauce, typically eaten with calçots but great with any type of barbecued vegetable.


1 Dry ñora (round red pepper)
4 Tomatoes
125gr raw, peeled almonds
4/5. Garlic cloves
Extra virgin olive oil
Apple vinegar

The dry round pepper has to be left in a bowl with water for 24 hours.
First of of all roast in the oven, separately, at a temperature of 175°C,  the almonds need 15 minutes, the garlic cloves for 25 minutes and the 4 tomatoes need about 40 minutes. Put the garlic cloves together with the peeled round red pepper in a bowl (see photo 5) then peel the roast tomatoes and add them to the garlic cloves. Crush the almonds (see photo 1 and 2), join all the ingredients, add a spoonful of oil, salt to taste and add a spoonful of vinegar, then mix it until it becomes a creamy sauce. You can let some pieces in it or mash it to make it completely creamy.


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