Side dishes

Artichokes in batter



4/5 artichokes
Wheat flour or rice flour for gluten free option
(The artichokes in the photo were made gluten free)
Royal raising powder
Olive oil

Clean the artichokes from quite a lot the outer leaves, chop the top off then cut them in slices.
In a soup dish mix about 50gr flour with some water and some salt until it becomes a thick cream, add a teaspoon of Royal raising powder and mix well.

Dip the slices of artichokes in the batter, heat a pan with enough oil to deep fry, when the oil reaches a hot temperature start adding some the slices to cover the bottom of the the pan. Make sure they are cooked on both sides and crispy, strain them from dripping oil and put them on a plate on dry kitchen paper. Add some salt. Repeat as many times as necessary until all the artichoke slices are cooked. It might be necessary to make some more batter.

Serve hot.


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