Veggie risotto

I love  risotto with a variety of vegetables, I sometimes add some carrots or courgette to it. Basically you can use any of the  veggies that you have in the house. I also usually keep the clear soup when I boil veggies which I can use in recipes like this one. It takes some time, especially if brown rice is used, but it’s worth the wait.


1 big onion
3/4 green peppers
2 aubergines
1/2kg brown rice
EVO oil
Vegetable stock cube or vegetable clear soup.
Soya milk ( without added sugar)
Vegan butter

Cut the onion and peppers in thin slices, put them in a pan with some oil, add salt and let it all cook on slow heat for about ten minutes, then add the aubergines cut in dices. Add 1/2 a glass of water and let it all cook with a lid on. Mix it often and check that it contains enough liquid so it won’t stick it the pan.


Once the vegetables are cooked add the rice and 1/2 litre of water with stock cube or vegetable soup. Let it cook until there is no water in the pan. If the rice is still hard add some more water. When it still needs a few minutes cooking add 1/2 glass of soya milk. When dry again add 2 spoonfuls of vegan butter, mix well, add vegan Parmesan on top and serve hot.



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