Blueberry jam cheesecake

Ingredients :

For the biscuit:
18 biscuits digestive type:
3.5 spoonfuls of vegan butter

For the cheese cream:
400gr soft tofu
1 spoonful of lemon juice
2 spoonfuls of self raising flour
1/2 teaspoon of salt
2 spoonfuls of brown sugar
3 spoonful of vegetable milk
1 jar of blueberry jam (Other kinds of jam can be used)

First turn the biscuits into crumbs using a food mixer and mix it with the vegan butter to make a thick mixture, then use it to cover the bottom of an oven dish.

In a bowl mix the tofu with the lemon juice, the flour, salt , sugar and 1 spoonful of vegetable milk. Use a food mixer to make it into a cream then pour the cream in the oven dish onto the biscuit layer.
Cook in the oven at 175°C for 30 minutes. Let it cool down then cover with the jam.


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