Spaghetti with artichokes


Ingredients: (for 4 people)

6 to 8 artichokes (though I sometimes use a lot more)
2 garlic cloves
EVO oil
1/2 kg of spaghetti (or gluten free pasta)

Stip the artichoke of all the outer leaves then cut off the tops so to leave only the softer part of them. Cut each artichoke in halves then in thin slices which you’ll put in a pan together with the oil and the garlic cloves then salt to taste.  Put the pan on slow heat and stir frequently, once the artichokes are cooked remove from heat then remove the garlic cloves, they give it taste but don’t need to be eaten.
In a cooking pot bring water to boil,add a spoonful of thick salt and then the pasta. Once the spaghetti are cooked mix with the artichokes, add a few spoonfuls of olive oil and once dished add vegan parmesan on top.


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