Red hot chilly peppers in olive oil

This is something almost every Italian person has in the kitchen. Some people use the chilly peppers dried and mashed into a powder but spicy olive oil is a must have.

I don’t buy the peppers because I have a friend who grows them for me and brings me 3 different kinds of chilliest, I spend a few days making the spicy oil then I have enough for a whole year. So this recipe is dedicated to him. Thanks Santi for providing me with these wonderful and really hot chilliest!


Fresh Red hot chilly peppers
EVO oil
Thick salt

Wash the chillies thoroughly, dry them with a clean cloth and start cutting them in bits into a bowl. Put the pieces in a pan and cover the amount with olive oil. Let it all fry on sow heat until the peppers look cooked and free of water. Once the oil is cold transfer the peppers and oil into glass jars. Add 2 spoonfuls of salt into each jar and stir with a knife. The oil needs to cover the peppers completely. If needed more fresh oil can be added to cover them. Let rest for a few weeks and it will be hot enough to use. 

It is possible to use both the peppers and oil to cook even thoug some people only use the oil. Every time its level goes down it can be refilled with fresh oil although it wil become less hot.


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