Side dishes

Bread with mint sauce


This is not actually a recipe but an idea for a side dish or a snack. It might be a pleasant and easier to digest substitute for the British version of garlic bread especially for those who, like me, can’t stand the smell of garlic. Moreover it is a refreshing option in the spring and summer when the weather is nice or hot, also nice to have with a salad or boiled veggies.

My parents didn’t let us eat Nutella and similar stuff ( I can now understand why, but I couldn’t as a child) so for breakfast or afternoon snack my nanny would give us bread with healthy olive oil and a variety of veggies and this was one of my favourite.


About 20 leaves
1/2 a glass of EVO oil

Put all the ingredients in a tall glass, use a food mixer to obtain an oily cream.
Put an amount of mint oil according to your tastes on top of a slice of bread or toasted bread.


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