Side dishes

Green beans in fresh tomato sauce.

How many children won’t eat their veggies? They will love this option!


Eat 2/3 people

1/2 kg of fresh green beans
4/5 rape tomatoes
2 big onions
EVO oil
1 glass white wine

Cut the 2 ends of each bean and cut them in 2/3 parts each. Wash in fresh water and boil in a big cooking pot.

While the beans are being cooked wash the tomatoes and mash them until you obtain a cream using a food mixer. 

Separately peel the onions and chop them in thin slices. Put them in a casserole with some olive oil and cook until they get a nice light brown colour, then add the glass of wine and leave on heat until there is no liquid left in the casserole.

Once the onions are ready pour the tomato cream into the casserole with the onion, stir and let cook. I usually add a few fresh basil leaves to the tomato sauce to improve its taste.

Finally add the cooked green beans to the tomato sauce, let it cook altogether for a short while and it’s ready. 


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