Side dishes

Friar’s beard (agretti)

The Italian name agretti is commonly used in English to refer to Salsola soda which is an edible, succulent shrub native to the mediterranean basin. Being a halophyte, salt-tolerant plant, it grows on coastal regions and can be irrigated with salt water.

It is a refreshing side dish with mint sauce or can be done in a pan to make pasta or risotto.


A bunch of fresh agretti
EVO oil
fresh mint leaves

Cut out and use only the green leaves, wash them in a big bowl in cold water then boil for about 10 minutes.
Separately wash the mint leaves and mix them into a cream with some olive oil and salt. You can add a pinch of nixed coloured peppers to the mixture.
Once the leaves are ready put the oily cream on top.
They can be eaten hot or cold according to ypur tastes.
Another way to serve them is by adding olive oil and some lemon juice or vinegar instead of the meant leaves mix. Although this is how my nanny Emma used to make them for me.


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