Pasta with Kale 

Most kids are not fond of vegetables, mine eat a lot of them but they’re not keen on kale so they usually complain when there’s kale unless it’s “disguised” with pasta. Kale is too healthy and rich of so many vitamins and nutrients to let kids have it their own way.  


1/2 kg of fresh Kale
EVO oil
a glass of white wine

Wash the kale and cut it in bits, heat al little water in a big casserole and cook the kale in it for a few minutes, make sure the water  only just covers 1/3 of the kale. Strain the kale, put it in a smaller casserole with some olive oil,  salt and the wine. Let cook until the wine has evaporated. I usually use a food mixer to make a cream of the kale so the kids don’t find and take bits out but it can be used as it is to mix with pasta, either gluten free or non and it’s ready to eat. 


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