Pasta, Sauces

Red Pesto Spaghetti

Red Pesto is a variety of Pesto sauce from southern Italy where dried tomatoes are from and used in a great number of recipes. Everyone in my family loves it. 

It’s a simple, tasty and easy to make sauce.  I use buckwheat spaghetti for the gluten free option. 


80/100 gr of basil leaves
80gr of sundried tomatoes
1/2 glass of olive oil
2 spoonfuls of pine nuts
3 spoonfuls of mashed almonds

Put the dry tomatoes in a bowl with hot water and let them sleep for at least 1/2 hour.  Meanwhile, in a tall glass mix the basil leaves with the olive oil, the pine nuts, the almond dice and salt to taste. Use a food mixer until it becomes creamy. 

Strain the tomatoes, add them to the tall glass and mix until it all becomes a creamy sauce. If too thick add some more olive oil. 

Boil the spaghetti the mix them with the sauce. I always decorate the dish with some almond bits. 


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