About me


Hi everyone!

My name is Maria Grazia but everyone calls me Maggie. I’m Italian and have lived in Catalonia, Spain ever since I finished university and moved here. For some unknown reason I love Great Britain, its language, people and culture but when it comes to cooking my blood is definitely Italian.

My father loved food and used to buy and collect food magazines and recipe books like a squirrel collects nuts for the winter, he studied each recipe then asked my grandmother or mother to make them for him. Traditional dishes were cooked with love and eaten at the great table, all the family together, my parents, grandma, grandad, my sister and I. Personally I was a very good eater and I loved the feeling of being sat in the kitchen chatting out happily as my mother  and grandmother were busy cooking.

I have been a vegetarian for 24 years, much to my father’s disappointment,  until last year I decided to become vegan. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to eat most of the food I used to as a vegetarian but I couldn’t care less as my will to fight for animal’s rights was stronger than my greed for food. Then, once I was into it, I realised it was easier than I thought, especially thanks to the internet through which I discovered a new world. I have managed to  VEGANIZE a lot of the recipes which my family used to eat and, of course, why not use the internet to let other people use this information and spread vegan recipes? I’ m sure that, although he wouldn’t completely understand my “madness” for an ethical and cruelty free diet, my father would be proud of me and my blog.

I am no professional cook but I love cooking for my family, friends and for myself. Being in the kitchen usually relaxes me, I love trying to transform the traditional recipes my family used to cook and make them suitable for vegans. Their smell and taste remind me of my childhood the feelings while eating, the warmth and happiness of a family around me. However I also like to adapt some Catalan or Spanish recipes such as mayonnaise, calçots or omelettes.

You’ll find out that the recipes I write are mostly simple to realise, basically not for professionals but for people who, like me, lead a busy life between work and family needs. I hope they are useful to a lot of people and wish they might encourage a non vegan person to try and avoid meat and dairy products by tasting new, healthy options.

My favourite quote:
Be the change you want to see in the world.   (Mahatma Gandhi)