Main dishes

Vegan Parmigiana

This is a very simple dish, easy to make although cooking the aubergines takes some time.

Ingredients: (eat 4)

4/5 Big aubergines
1 vegan mozzarella
vegan parmesan
6/8 fresh tomatoes
olive oil
ground red and green pepper
some fresh parsley

Wash and cut the aubergines in slices of approx 1cm. They can’t be either too thin, as they would break easily, or too thick as it would take long to cook.
The aubergine slices can be grilled or fried in a pan using olive oil.

When fried I place them on kitchen paper to absorb extra oil.

Wash and chop the tomatoes, mash them using a food mixer then add some oil and salt and cook on slow heat for about 20 minutes.

Cut the mozzarella in small dice and get some vegan Parmesan grated.

Once the tomato sauce is ready start placing the aubergine slices previously cooked in an oven tray as done with lasagna base. Add some tomato sauce on top, some mozzarella and parmesan. Then repeat the layers until you get 3/4 layers. Add tome ground pepper and parsley cut in very small pieces on top then cook in oven for about 20 minutes.

Main dishes

Seitan & veggies

Seitan is a great meat substitute very rich in protein as it is basically made of gluten which is wheat protein. It is completely free of soy with a texture amazingly similar to meat.


2 big onions

1 yellow pepper

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

2 courgettes

1 packet of seitan (200gr approx)

EVO oil


Peel and chop the onions in thin slices, wash and cut all peppers into small pieces, mix in a big pan, add some olive oil and salt to taste, then start cooking on slow heat. Meanwhile wash and chop the courgettes into small dice and add it to the pan. Stir while cooking and add a drop of water if necessary so it doesn’t burn.

Separately chop the seitan into dice and cook in a separate pan with a spoonful of oil until it looks toasted.

Mix the seitan in the pan with the veggies and cook together for a few minutes. It is then ready to serve hot.

Main dishes

Courgettes and tomatoes filled with a veggie mince.

A really tasty option to cook veggies to serve either as side or main dish. It is totally gluten free unless you wish to add some grated bread on top before cooking in the oven.

Ingredients: (per person)

1 big courgette
1 red tomato
1 big onion
4 spoonfuls of texturised soya
EVO oil
some parsley
some white wine
bread crumbs

Clean and chop the onion in very thin slices, cook in a casserole on slow heat with oil until it reaches a light brown colour.

Meanwhile let the soya rehydrate in a cup. Use the same amount of water and soya.

Wash the courgette and tomato then chop them in two parts and empty them. Chop and add the content to the casserole. Let cook for a few minutes the add the soya which should have absorbed all the water.

Salt to taste.

Once the mince is cooked add some chopped parsley, mix, then use to fill the courgette and tomato.

You can add some bread crumbs or gluten free bread crumbs on top. Lay on an oven tray with some oil, water and/or a drop of wine. Cook in a pre heated oven at 200°C until the liquid part disappears and looks toasted.

Main dishes

Chickpeas and tomato soup.

A hot soup in winter makes a really pleasant evening meal. If you are a fan of tomato soup you’re going to absolutely love this dish.

Ingredients: (eat 4)

2/3 big onions
6 tomatoes
500 gr chickpea
vegetable stock
EVO olive oil

First of all peel then cut the onions in small bits, then poach them in olive oil until they reach a light brown colour.

Meanwhile wash the tomatoes, chop them and mash them with a food mixer. You can either make it completely liquid or leave small bits depending on your tastes. You can also use a tin of tomato but at home we like to use fresh vegetables.

Add the cream of tomato to the casserole with the onion and cook on low heat until the sauce is done.

Add 1,5 l of water, salt and the vegetable stock unless you want to add vegetable soup previously made instead of the water and bout it for 15 minutes approx.

As to the chickpeas you can either boil some after keeping them in a bowl of water for at least a whole night or use tinned ones. In either cases it’s a good idea to keep the water from the chickpeas as it is the natural substitute of egg white and a basic ingredient in a lot of vegan recipes such as chocolate mousse.

Finally add the chickpeas to the tomato soup and let cook for about 20 minutes.

Serve hot!

Main dishes

Tofu “alla pizzaiola”

Tofu is a rich source of protein but it can be quite tasteless on its own, though some people like to eat it anyway. 

This recipe was one of my father’s favourite  to eat veal, I have adapted it to make it vegan and I’m pretty sure he’s have enjoyed it.


1 packet of fresh tofu
5/6 rape tomatoes
EVO oil

Cut the Tofu in slices, don’t make them too thin so they don’t brake.

After washing the tomatoes and cutting them in pieces make them into a purée using a food mixer. In a pan put the tomato juice with some oil, salt and a pinch of oregano then cook for a while.

Add the slices of tofu, cook until the tomato sauce becomes creamy, then let it rest before you serve it.

Main dishes

Broccoli with béchamel sauce.

Here you have a great way to serve broccoli  to people who, like kids, are not really keen on veggies. It can be considered as a main or side dish.

The Ingredients are basically broccoli boiled in salty water or steamed and then you add béchamel cream and grated cheese  on top and bake and grate it in the oven. 

You can find the recipe for making béchamel sauce in the sauce menu in this blog.

Main dishes


Here you are my receipt for pizza base, then it can be “decorated” with all kind of veg and made with or without vegan cheese.



600gr flour (though I often use half brown, half white flour)
1 teaspoon of salt
25gr of fresh baking yeast
1 can of beer
1 spoonful of EVO oil

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, first of all flour and salt, then dissolve the yeast in the beer and mix it all with the flour adding the oil. Work the mass strongly until you make a soft, elastic mass then cover the bowl and leave it to rest for a couple of hours. If you have a bread machine, just mix all the ingredients and use a bread programme.

Once your base has grown divide it in 2/3 parts and work it into a thin layer onto oven trays using olive oil on your hands so it doesn’t stick to them. I usually use oven paper and oil it first.

When it comes to the ingredients you have a great choice. My favourites are cherry pizza and potato pizza.

Cherry pizza

Cover the base with pieces of vegan mozzarella previously cur in small dice, then distribute halves of cherries in rows, add salt, olive oil on top and drops of pesto sauce here and there. Cook in the oven at 220°C.

Potato pizza

It may sound strange but it’s delicious. Cut the potatoes in thin slices and use them to cover all the base, the add salt, olive oil and some grounded dry rosemary leaves. Cook in the oven at 220°C.

Another option is to fry green peppers and adding them on top of the potato layers instead of the herbs.

Mushroom pizza

Add vegan mozzarella and raw mushroom cut in thin slices on top of the base. Some salt and olive oil.

Or mushroom and asparagus previously cut and fried.