Béchamel sauce

Béchamel sauce also known as white sauce is a creamy sauce well known in French cuisine which gives chance to change vegetables into a tasty hot dish. I have veganised it and usually make a gluten free option which can be altered depending the kind of flour you wish to use.


1 glass of buckwheat/chickpea/lentil flour
2/3 glasses of vegetable milk
3 spoonfuls of EVO olive oil
1 pinch of salt
1 pinch of pepper.

The amount of vegetable milk or flour may vary depending on how thick you may want your sauce.

In a high casserole mix the olive oil with 2 glasses of vegetable milk,salt and bring to boil. When boiling reduce the temperature and start adding small amounts of flour while mixing it continuously with a whisk. Add more flour and vegetable milk to make it thicker or more liquid. When it reaches the thickness required, remove from heat and add it to the recipe you wish.

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Red Pesto Spaghetti

Red Pesto is a variety of Pesto sauce from southern Italy where dried tomatoes are from and used in a great number of recipes. Everyone in my family loves it. 

It’s a simple, tasty and easy to make sauce.  I use buckwheat spaghetti for the gluten free option. 


80/100 gr of basil leaves
80gr of sundried tomatoes
1/2 glass of olive oil
2 spoonfuls of pine nuts
3 spoonfuls of mashed almonds

Put the dry tomatoes in a bowl with hot water and let them sleep for at least 1/2 hour.  Meanwhile, in a tall glass mix the basil leaves with the olive oil, the pine nuts, the almond dice and salt to taste. Use a food mixer until it becomes creamy. 

Strain the tomatoes, add them to the tall glass and mix until it all becomes a creamy sauce. If too thick add some more olive oil. 

Boil the spaghetti the mix them with the sauce. I always decorate the dish with some almond bits. 


Macadamia nuts spread

It looks like spread cheese and it’s a great idea for snacks,sanwiches, on crackers or biscuits. It can be be sweet or salty just by adding salt or sugar to the recipe. 


100 gr of macadamia nuts
2 pinches of salt
5/6 spoonfuls of water
2 spoonfuls of lemon juice

let the macadamia nuts in a small bowl covered with water for 1 hour. Put the nuts in a high glass, add the spponfuls of the water where you have kept the nuts, the salt and the lemonjuice.
For a sweet option just add a teaspoon of brown sugar.


Mint pesto


It is a really tasty and refreshing sauce which can be used on vegetables, pasta dishes, in vegetable sandwiches and on vegetable spaghetti such as courgette spaghetti or pumpkin spaghetti.


30 gr of fresh mint leaves
20 gr of nuts
10 gr of pine nuts.
EVO oil
a pinch of salt

Wash the leaves well then put them in a tall bowl (I use the food mixer original bowl) together with the nuts and pine nuts and the salt. Cover half the amount of dry ingredients with water and then cover the other half with oil. Mix all the ingredients using a food mixer. Once you obtain a creamy sauce you can use it in a variety of ways.


Vegan mayonnaise 

Did you know that mayonnaise could be easily made without egg? Well, it can! This was one of my biggest discoveries during last year. It is healthier because it contains less cholesterol and, as it doesn’t contain any egg , it can be kept, without risk of any infection, for more days in the fridge. Moreover it is unbelievably easy to make.


1/2 glass of soya milk
1/2 glass of olive oil
1/2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice/vinegar

Put the soya milk in a high glass, add salt and start mixing using a food mixer. Add the oil little by little and keep mixing. When the oil has all been used add the lemon juice and mix some more. It might seem liquid but it will become thicker by keeping it in the fridge for a short time before using it.

The quality of the oil used will determine its taste. I personally think it tastes too strong using EVO oil so I just use virgin olive oil.  Anyway you’ll have to try, we all have different tastes.


Red hot chilly peppers in olive oil

This is something almost every Italian person has in the kitchen. Some people use the chilly peppers dried and mashed into a powder but spicy olive oil is a must have.

I don’t buy the peppers because I have a friend who grows them for me and brings me 3 different kinds of chilliest, I spend a few days making the spicy oil then I have enough for a whole year. So this recipe is dedicated to him. Thanks Santi for providing me with these wonderful and really hot chilliest!


Fresh Red hot chilly peppers
EVO oil
Thick salt

Wash the chillies thoroughly, dry them with a clean cloth and start cutting them in bits into a bowl. Put the pieces in a pan and cover the amount with olive oil. Let it all fry on sow heat until the peppers look cooked and free of water. Once the oil is cold transfer the peppers and oil into glass jars. Add 2 spoonfuls of salt into each jar and stir with a knife. The oil needs to cover the peppers completely. If needed more fresh oil can be added to cover them. Let rest for a few weeks and it will be hot enough to use. 

It is possible to use both the peppers and oil to cook even thoug some people only use the oil. Every time its level goes down it can be refilled with fresh oil although it wil become less hot.


Romesco sauce


This is a great sauce, typically eaten with calçots but great with any type of barbecued vegetable.


1 Dry ñora (round red pepper)
4 Tomatoes
125gr raw, peeled almonds
4/5. Garlic cloves
Extra virgin olive oil
Apple vinegar

The dry round pepper has to be left in a bowl with water for 24 hours.
First of of all roast in the oven, separately, at a temperature of 175°C,  the almonds need 15 minutes, the garlic cloves for 25 minutes and the 4 tomatoes need about 40 minutes. Put the garlic cloves together with the peeled round red pepper in a bowl (see photo 5) then peel the roast tomatoes and add them to the garlic cloves. Crush the almonds (see photo 1 and 2), join all the ingredients, add a spoonful of oil, salt to taste and add a spoonful of vinegar, then mix it until it becomes a creamy sauce. You can let some pieces in it or mash it to make it completely creamy.