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More than a main dish or a side dish this is a deliciously refreshing starter in Spanish cuisine. There’s nothing better than a fresh gazpacho on really hot summer days and it has usually saved me when going to a restaurant in Spain with friends and there really aren’t other options on the menu. I’m sure everyone gets the feeling. Here in Spain if you ask for a green salad in most restaurants you might even get it with Tuna on top and anchovies inside the green olives. In a lot of places tellin the waiter you are vegan doesn’t help much so you have to start giving details of what exactly you don’t eat to get a simple reply: “what do you eat then?” 😊

Ingredients :

(Eat 4)
For the cream:
4 rape tomatoes
1 green pepper
1 small onion
1 cucumber
1 garlic clove
EVO oil

For the topping:
1 cucumber
1 small onion
some cherry tomatoes
1 green orbyellow pepper
a few toasted or fried slices of bread (for gluten free options use gluten free bread slices or avoid the bread)

After washing all the ingredients for the cream chop them and place in a high bowl, add salt to taste and 2/3 spoonfuls of oil. Mash it all using a food mixer until you obtain a soft cream. Keep in the fridge.

Separately chop all the ingredients for the topping in small dice or pieces so that they can be taken to the table in small bowl and everyone can choose what to decorate their gazpacho with or you can serve a bowl of gazpacho with a bit of each on top.

Main dishes

Red Peppers filled with quinoa

After a month away I’m back with some new ideas and willing to cook my own food again. 

My grandmother used to make peppers filled with breadcrumbs and some veggies, in Spain they make peppers filled with either minced meat or fish. This is my vegan and gluten free version. Everyone loved it at home.


(Eat 4)

200 gr of quinoa
2 onions
2/3 green peppers
2 courgettes
4 red peppers (small size)
EVO oil
a glassbof white wine

Wash the peppers and courgettes, cut the onion and green peppers in small bits and cook on slow heat with some olive oil and salt until the onion becomes light brown. Add the courgettes previously chopped in small bits, the wine and some water. Let cook until the courgette becomes creamy. 

Separately boil the quinoa in some water. Chop the tops off the red peppers and empty them.

Once the quinoa and vegetables are done mix them in a casserole, then fill in the peppers completely. 

Pre heat the oven at a temperature of 220°C,  cook the peppers for about 40 minutes. The oven cooking time will depend on the size and quality of the peppers. Once ready serve hot with some veggies or salad.

Main dishes

Vegan curry

If you love spicy food you are going to love this dish. There are options, anyway, to make it more or less spicy according to your preferences.

eat 2

300 gr of either white or brown rice
1 onion
2 green peppers 
2 aubergines
2 courgettes
4/5 tomatoes
1 can of coconut milk/ soya cream
300gr (approx) of tofu
curry powder (I use tikka massala)
EVO oil

While you boil the rice cut the onion in thin slices and cook in some oil in a pan until it reaches a light brown colour, add the rest of the vegetables previously washed and cut in dice. (I never peel the aubergine or courgette). Cut the tofu in small dice and cook it with oil in another pan until it becomes slightly coloured.
Once the vegetables are done you can add the tofu, 2 teaspoons of curry powder and 1/2 the can of coconut milk (150/ 200ml approx). Stir until it becomes creamy. 

When it’s done serve in a dish next to the rice.


Vegan Sacher cake

Ingredients :

For the sponge cake:

750 gr of flour
750 ml of unsugared soya drink
350 gr of brown sugar
300 gr of dark cocoa
200 ml of sunflour oil
2 bags of baking powder
vegan margarine

Strawberry, apricot, peach or blueberry jam to fill it.

For the chocolate covering:

225gr of dark chocolete
150ml of unsugared soya drink
20gr of brown sugar
1 pinch of salt
1/2 tea spoon of vanilla extract
2 teas spoons of sunflower oil

In a bowl, mix all the ingredients for the sponge cake in the order you find them in the list using the whisk of a food mixer.

Meanwhile prepare the oven tray by covering it with some margarine and then cover it all with some flour. Pre heat the oven at 200° C.

Once the mixture is ready pour it in the oven tray and bake it at 200° for 40/45 min. Once ready let it cool.

Cut the top off to make it straight and plain, turn it upside down in a dish and cut it in two parts horizontally. Spread jam in the middle. Prepare the covering by melting all the ingredients in a pot on slow heat then pour it all on the sponge. Cover the side gently and let cool in the fridge for a few hours.

Clean the dish around the cake before serving.


Creamy mushroom risotto

Who doesn’t love a good risotto? Creamy mushroom has always been my favourite. It can be easily made dairy free and it tastes just as good. Timing depends on the kind of rice used, I usually use brown rice but it can be made with white rice if you wish, it takes less time.


Eat 4

1/2 kg of brown rice
1/2 kg of portobello mushroom
1 little carton of soya or any vegetable cream
1l of vegetable soup
2 glasses of unsugares soya drink (or any other vegetable drink)
2 glasses of white wine
EVO oil
Mixed ground pepper

The first step is to wash the musnrooms, cut them in slices then cook them in a big casserole with a drop of oil and salt to taste.

Once the mushrooms are cooked move them into a bowl, put the rice with some oil in the casserole, add the wine and stir continuously until all the wine has evaporated, then add small amounts of vegetable soup, stir, then add some more to let the rice cook slowly. Salt to taste. 

When the rice is almost done add the soya drink , the cream and the mushroom , some ground pepper and let it finish on slow heat. It’s a good idea to keep some mushrooms to decorate the dishes once ready.

Serve hot with or without vegan grated cheese.


Lentil pasta with lamb’s lettuce and cherry tomatoes

This is a really fresh and light pasta, ideal for hot summer days. The use of raw ingredients in it makes it rich in vitamins and extremely simple to prepare.

Eat 2/3

250gr of lentil pasta
100gr of lamb’s lettuce
150gr of cherry tomatoes
2 spoonfuls of mixed seeds
EVO oil

Mix the lettuce with the cherry tomatoes previously washed and cut in two pieces. Then add the seeds, oil and salt to taste.

Boil the pasta in lots of water then strain it and mix it with the salad. It is nice both using the pasta while still hot after boiling or after rinsing it in cold water.                       You can add vegan grated cheese on top before eating it.

Main dishes

Veggie muffins

This is, undoubtedly, an extremely original recipe to present your guests with, especially if you are inviting non vegan people who think vegans eat only boring salad leaves or boiled veggies.

They can be made with any combination of veggies but I have made them with fried peppers which make really tasty muffins.


5/6 green peppers
1/2 big red pepper
EVO oil
2 glasses of flour
2 glasses of unsugared soya milk
1 glass of sunflower oil
2 bag of Royal raising powder
some chia and sesame seeds

Wash the peppers, cut them in slices, add oil and salt and cook them on slow heat. Meanwhile prepare the mixture for the muffins. Using the whisk of a food mixer mix the flour with the soya milk, some salt, sunflower oil and the raising powder.

Pour the creamy mixture in oven moulds,  add some fried peppers and mix with the cream then add a pinch of seeds on top.

Cook in oven at 185° C for 30/35 min.
When ready serve hot with some salad or vegetables.